Preventive-corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance, focused on guaranteeing the good condition of the equipment based on a work plan that avoids breakdowns, and corrective maintenance, more oriented to the resolution of breakdowns or failures in the different systems.


Servicio de Mantenimiento Preventivo

Maintenance of assemblies and subassemblies

COHEMO, S.L.U. has machinery and qualified personnel to carry out the maintenance of a wide range of assemblies and subassemblies of military vehicles, both chained and wheeled.

The experience of COHEMO, S.L.U. is based on the repair of hydraulic, mechanical, electronic, electrical and optronic assemblies for the tower and barge of the different vehicles.

Conjunto y Subconjuntos

Mobile equipment

En COHEMO, S.L.U., in addition to carrying out the services in our facilities, we have a highly qualified staff capable of moving in order to ensure the operability of the systems, performing a fast and efficient service.

Mobile equipment Mobile equipment
Mobile equipment

Evolutionary maintenance

With the evolutionary maintenance of vehicles, from COHEMO, S.L.U. we manage to enhance/improve the performance of the systems in order to reach the technological vanguard. With the evolutionary maintenance, we carry out the absorption of obsolescence, improvement of vehicles and turnkey projects.

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