COHEMO will undertake the maintenance of the Spanish Army's CENTAURO vehicle fleet

COHEMO will undertake the maintenance of the Spanish Army's CENTAURO vehicle fleet

COHEMO, a Spanish company based in Madrid, is a company specialised in Supply, Engineering and Maintenance within the defence sector and has more than 30 years of experience as a collaborator of the Spanish Army.

The company, with another Spanish partner, will be responsible for the maintenance of the CENTAURO combat vehicle fleet, after having established an agreement with the Spanish Army.

The maintenance work will take place for two years, until December 2022. The contract is worth 4.5 million euros and will be carried out in service with the Land Force's cavalry units.

The contract includes vehicles maintenance, training courses and obsolescence analysis. This agreement also contains technical assistance for vehicles deployed in the area of operations.

The project was managed by “Jefatura de Asuntos Económicos del Mando de Apoyo Logístico del Ejército (MALE)”, a division that received bids from various companies during the tender process, including the one mentioned above between COHEMO and another company. After considering the different options, “MALE” determined that this proposal was the one with the best conditions in terms of both quality and price. It was published later in the “Plataforma de Contratación del Estado”.

The contract budget is divided into three annual payments of 1.5 million euros each, corresponding to the period 2020-2022. The estimated value would rise to almost 7.5 million euros (taxes not included) when considering a possible three-year extension that would extend the contractual agreement until the end of 2025.

Both companies will supply the Army with spare parts for CENTAURO vehicles in the same way from 2019. For this contract, the budget is three million euros and extends until the end of 2021.

The Spanish Army currently owns 84 CENTAURO, which have a 105 mm cannon as their main weapon.

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For COHEMO, the most important aspect in all our processes is quality, and that is why we hold the most important recognitions in our sector.

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