Within the Air Force's Connected, Sustainable and Intelligent Air Base (CSISB) programme, the Force Protection Section of the General Staff leads functional area 4 on Force Protection. One of the sub-programmes included is a drone for facility surveillance.

COHEMO/UMILES has organised a demonstration of the SATURNO drone, developed by the company UMILES, to test the capacity of the night vision/thermal cameras and the application possibilities for the perimeter security of air bases.

On 24 February at 18:00h, at the Brunete Aerodrome, MADRID, an exhibition of the SATURNO drone, an unmanned aircraft specially designed for the most demanding security and rescue operations, was held for the first time for the Spanish Air Force. Adapted to the needs of each client, it has a technology capable of operating in the most hostile environments.

A fully customised solution, according to your needs, to respond to any rescue and surveillance situation.



On behalf of the Air Force, the Chief Colonel of the Force Protection Section of the General Staff (EMA/SPRF) Mr. Gonzalo Vallejo attended, accompanied by personnel from his section. 

Also present was the head of studies commander of the UAS Military School of the Matacán School Group (Salamanca) which, together with the Military School of Air Transport and the Military School of Air Traffic and Control, the Military School of Unmanned Aerial Systems is the reference teaching centre for the Spanish Armed Forces for the training of UAS operators and pilots.

At the user level, personnel from the Zaragoza Air Deployment Support Squadron (EADA) also took part to assess the drone for its use and integration into the security systems of the air bases.

The Colonel stated that he had a very good impression of the work carried out and the possibilities of the SATURNO and that it could fit in with what they are looking for to implement a surveillance drone in the EA's facilities.

In order to make the acquisition proposal, he requested a detailed budget as much as possible as well as technical characteristics of the drone and the different accessories: transmitter, batteries, chargers, cameras, loudspeaker, led light, support for loads, etc.
The UAS Military School highlighted the great possibilities of the drone and invited COHEMO/UMILES to carry out several tests in Salamanca in the near future. Work is already underway to set a timetable.

The EADA, for its part, also showed its approval and highlighted the high performance of the equipment to develop security activities in the facilities of the EA:
In other matters, the Colonel was informed of the COINCIDENTE project that COHEMO has been designated and the purpose of the study and the capabilities of the prototype to be developed were explained to him. 

He stated that this is another area that they want to explore, although they were thinking of a "mule" type UGV for transporting ammunition, etc...; however, he will reconsider the different options that this new avenue of collaboration opens up. 
The demonstration of the SATURNO drone to the Spanish Air Force opens up great expectations within the AF4 FORCE PROTECTION of the BACSI programme and specifically in the "Integration of UAS in the force protection function.

Great interest has been shown to the extent that a detailed quotation for the UAV system has been requested.

The Military UAS School will invite COHEMO/UMILES to carry out a number of practical exercises in order to complete the system capability studies.


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