COHEMO to carry out the maintenance of UROVESA vehicles

COHEMO to carry out the maintenance of UROVESA vehicles

The company COHEMO, which develops its main activity in the supply, maintenance and engineering in the defence sector and is based in Móstoles (Madrid), will carry out the maintenance of the fleet of special URO vehicles used by the different State Security Forces and Corps.

This company, together with another company in a joint venture, has been awarded the contract for the "Maintenance of UROVESA vehicles".

COHEMO Mantenimiento URO

This tender has been managed by the “Jefatura de Asuntos Económicos del MALE” (JAEMALE). This body, after having received several proposals from various companies during the tendering process, decided that the most advantageous option was the one presented by both companies. Both economic and time criteria were taken into account in this decision.

The maintenance works will have a duration of 3 years, extending until 31 December 2023, with the possibility of extending it for 2 more years.

The budget for this contract is also divided into three annual instalments of €500,000 each, adding up to a total of €1,500,000, although with the possibility of up to €2,500,000 if the extension becomes effective.


For COHEMO, the most important aspect in all our processes is quality, and that is why we hold the most important recognitions in our sector.

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