COHEMO renews its container maintenance contract with the Spanish Army

COHEMO renews its container maintenance contract with the Spanish Army

COHEMO, Spanish company based in the Community of Madrid specialized in Supply, Maintenance, Engineering and Simulation within the defense sector, has more than 30 years of experience as a partner of the Spanish Army.



The company will be responsible for the maintenance of containers for the Spanish Army for the next 4 years, including the extension. This agreement includes the repair and maintenance of pumps, valves, taps, metal containers and machinery, among others.

The contract whose object is "Framework agreement for the repair of campaign containers", was awarded by the "Mando de Apoyo Logístico del Ejército de Tierra" (MALE), which received several bids. After considering the different options, “MALE” determined that COHEMO who won the contract.

The valuation of this contract amounts to around 4,000,000 €, including two annual payments of 1,200,000 euros and a possible extension of another two years, until 2025. With this, the Army ensures the operability of all its systems.

In addition to the above-mentioned contract, the Madrid-based company has a wide range of agreements in force with the Spanish Army, among which the maintenance and the supply of spare parts for the different systems of the Leopard family and others more focused on Training and Simulation stand out. In the last few years, engineering has been enhanced and we have built new facilities, as well as a test track and other aspects that guarantee COHEMO a greater autonomy.

COHEMO cooperates and supports the different State Security Forces and Corps, and offers high standards of quality and commitment to the client in each of the services it provides.




For COHEMO, the most important aspect in all our processes is quality, and that is why we hold the most important recognitions in our sector.

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