COHEMO makes its way into the telecommunications sector

COHEMO makes its way into the telecommunications sector

COHEMO, a Spanish company specialized in supply, maintenance and engineering in the defence sector with headquarters in Móstoles (Madrid), continues to develop and expand its business, and in this case it has expanded into the telecommunications sector.

Together with its partner ATL Europa, COHEMO has been awarded the contract for the "Adquisición, instalación y mantenimiento del sistema BMS de Pequeñas Unidades para Zona de Operaciones".

sistema BMS carro combate


This tender was managed by the contracting section of the "Jefatura de Asuntos Económicos del Mando de Apoyo Logístico" (JAEMALE), which received several bids for this tender process from various companies, including the COHEMO and ATL Europa joint venture. After evaluating the various proposals, the JAEMALE considered the bid submitted by COHEMO and its partner to be the best value for money in terms of both quality and price.

The scope of this contract is divided into four annual payments of 1 million euros each, for a total of 4 million euros.

This tender includes both the supply and installation both in national territory and for vehicles deployed in the area of operations.

The maintenance operations to be carried out will be preventive, corrective and modifying, and the study of requirements for installations in new vehicles will also be carried out.

COHEMO collaborates and provides support to the different Security Forces and Corps, and to this end offers high standards of quality and commitment to the client in each of the services it performs.


For COHEMO, the most important aspect in all our processes is quality, and that is why we hold the most important recognitions in our sector.

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